Rawknee (misfitstar18) wrote in shia_ichallenge,

stupid PC

Ok guys, since my computer is wiggin out, its so hard for me to get online, i know, i suck. but until i can get on a computer that works or fix this im not going to be able to run a real challenge. but since my comp is working right now, i'll give a challenge.

Since i can't get pictures YOU can choose WHATEVER picture of shia you want! BUT here are the rules

1-NO animation
2-NO text (except rule 5)
3-Blending ok
4-Brushes ok
5-MUST have the word "shia" on it, how ever you want.

thats all....Icons due Weds. 25 of October...so come ON guys i'm giving you quite some creative freedom by picking your own pics! so show me how good you can really be!

Nice entrys to the winners last week...keep it up and sorry i couldn't pick mods choice:-(
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